A final PVG workshop has been organised please see details below
Tuesday 21 February 2017 - 00:00:00 in General

A final PVG workshop has been organised please see details below
Workshop: PVG’s 
Venue: -  Contemplation room at Williamwood High School  
Date: - Thursday 23rd February 2017  
Time: - 6pm – 9pm
All attendees will be split into two groups, PVG application and PVG update, then taken through the forms at the same time so a prompt attendance is required.
The remaining time will be taken up with checking. For the purposes of PVG you must bring along the following: passport, driving licence, birth certificate, proof of national insurance number and bank/electric statement with proof of address. 
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Correct survey link
Sunday 22 January 2017 - 00:00:00 in General

Correct survey link
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PVG requirements for the workshop on 21st January
Monday 16 January 2017 - 00:00:00 in General

PVG requirements for the workshop on 21st January
If your PVG is already been done through SYFA (either via ERSDA or your club) you can ignore point 1 below although attendance at the PCS Plus workshop above (or 9h February) is still required for all coaches.
ERSDA PCS Plus/PVG/Registration Workshop, Saturday 21st January 2017:- 9:30 to 10:30
PCS Plus workshop (registration 9:15) 10:30 to 12:30 PVG Applications/Updates 10:30 to 12:30 ERSDA/SYFA Registrations I show below details of the documents required to complete the PVG forms if you are on the SYFA list or are a new coach:-
1. The above PVG meeting at Mearns Castle High School:- After the PCS Plus workshop, separate groups will be organised for those requiring PVG checks (no previous PVG) and PVG updates (already hold a PVG but not with SYFA). There are separate forms required for each group. All persons registered as officials (coaches, CPO's, club secretaries, first aiders) with SYFA require to have a PVG through SYFA regardless of whether they have PVG's through other organisations. Both groups will be taken through the respective forms at the same time. The following is a list of documents that are required at the meeting.
ALL the documents are required to complete the forms and subsequent checking:- PVG Check:- Birth Certificate and Current Passport (BOTH are required as per SYFA). New style Driving Licence National Insurance Number Utility Bill or Bank Statement or Other proof of current address (document to be less than 3 months old) If no passport or new style driving licence then some form of photographic identity A note of your address history for the last five years (including resident from/to dates) SYFA ID Number for your club at your age group. Please note that you should bring original documents. Photocopies are not sufficient.
PVG Update:- All the above plus your current PVG Scheme Record Certificate or a photocopy for reference/recording of the membership number. No team will be allowed to play in ERSDA fixtures if any registered official of the club has not completed a PVG application/update through SYFA by 28th February (as per the list sent to me by SYFA and passed on by me to all clubs). Any new coaches e.g. 2011's (please pass on to this age group if your club are intending to enter teams for March 2017) can attend and bring their documents as per above although it would be helpful if clubs initially register their club with SYFA so that a SYFA ID number is generated. If no number is known then the form can be completed but the application/update will be delayed until an ID number is communicated to the ERSDA Secretary. This may result in teams not being included in fixtures if there is a delay.
2. We will specify an area at the meeting in order for clubs/teams to register their SYFA/ERSDA registration forms for 2017.
3. If you have not already registered for the 21st January workshop - to ensure that we have a record of your attendance, thus allowing you to register for the new season, each coach must book onto the workshop via the survey monkey link below.
Coaches must register under their own details and not have several under one generic club email address etc.
 As per er the ERSDA Calendar of Events 2017 (see website and sent to all coaches with AGM minutes), the next ERSDA PCS Plus/PVG/Registration workshop is 9th February (survey monkey available nearer the time).
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Club SYFA Registration is now open for 2017
Thursday 05 January 2017 - 00:00:00 in General

Club SYFA Registration is now open for 2017
Now that ERSDA are registered as a league, the Club SYFA Registration is now open for 2017 to all wishing to join ERSDA for age groups 2006's to 2011's.
Registration for SYFA (& ERSDA) can be done by attending the registration evenings in January/February 2017 (see ERSDA Calendar of Events 2017) or by sending the completed forms to the ERSDA Secretary enclosing a cheque mad out to 'SYFA' (if not paying online) and sae addressed to Hampden.
Please ensure correct postage is applied to envelopes.
Bob MacDonald, ERSDA Secretary. 
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SYFA Sports First Aid Hampden Park
Wednesday 21 December 2016 - 00:00:00 in General

SYFA Sports First Aid Hampden Park

SYFA Sports First Aid
Hampden Park

21st & 22nd January 2017
3rd & 4th March 2017
29th & 30th April 2017
3rd & 4th June 2017

0845 548 5042


09.00hrs - 17.00hrs


SYFA Approved Sports First Aid
SYFA Sports First Aid & Injury Management gives the sports first aid student an insight on the best way to treat a casualty who has suffered a sporting injury or has suddenly become ill. They will also learn the best way to promote recovery from a sports injury to ensure the sports person fully returns to sporting activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Who should attend this course?
This course has been written for First Aiders working in Youth Football or other sporting environments. No prior knowledge of first aid is required as we will teach you everything you need to know.

What will you learn?
The candidates will learn emergency first aid and also advanced aid for individuals suffering from common injuries within sport. The course gives an insight into how to manage injuries and the best practices how to prevent such injuries occurring.

This is the most comprehensive Sports First Aid course in the UK. The courses are delivered by health & fitness professionals with a great understanding of injuries in youth football.

Why not get Safeaid Training to come to you!

If you can't attend the Hampden courses, why not book a private course for your club. Safeaid Training will travel anywhere in Scotland and provide your club or league with its own private SYFA Sports First Aid Course.

Could all league officials please circulate this email around their clubs

Please see below some of the feedback from our courses
Giffnock Soccer Centre
Giffnock Soccer centre(150 coaches) approached Safeaid 2 years ago to provide Sports First Aid training that is SYFA approved. 40 Coaches at GSC have completed the workshops and the general feedback is this course is fantastic as David and the team provide a practical First Aid course that is easy to understand and for me focused on football related injuries across all age groups.
Great course, learned more from this course than I did form any other First Aid course, worth the money and the interaction from the group made the course very relaxing
Stuart Sinclair Coach Co-Ordinator for Giffnock Soccer Centre

Core Fitness & Physiotherapy
We have worked with David on many occasions and the delivery of his sports first aid courses are second to none. All our participants find the courses very educational, fun and interesting and they have the highest regard for David as a course provider. We will continue to utalise Davids expertise in this sector and look forward to a long working relationship
Darren Cross Owner Core Fitness & Physiotherapy

Rehabworks Physiotherapists
Just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for yesterday. The training was great and very informative. It was amazing to see the little (important!) things I had forgotten from previous training!
Thanks very much for all your help with the training of us physios from RehabWorks! The guys really enjoyed the training yesterday and felt they learnt a lot, so thanks again.
Fiona Smith Senior Physiotherapist Rehabworks

Football Coach
I was dreading doing my first aid training but found the day extremely enjoyable and informative.This was due to the fun and relaxed way the trainer delivered such a serious course.I now feel fully equipped to deal with any emergencies that should arise within our football team.Thanks again safeaid
Claudia Leonardi Football Coach
Life Fit Wellness Physiotherapy Clinic
Just wanted to thank you for the great course on Friday. Everybody was very impressed with the course and your delivery. As you can imagine I do often dread doing the first aid course as I have done a few in my career, “being of such a great age!” I have to say that it was by far the most enjoyable, educational and informative first aid course that I have done without exception!
David Bowmaker Physiotherapist
  If you want to know more about our SYFA Sports First Aid Course then please feel free to contact us at any time


0845 548 5042




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Minutes of the ERSDA AGM are now available
Wednesday 21 December 2016 - 00:00:00 in General

Minutes of the ERSDA AGM are now available
The minutes of the ERSDA AGM are now available in the documents section of the website along with three attachments detailing the ERSDA Calendar of Events for 2017 (including registration/PCS Plus/PVG workshops, Player Pathway In-Service meetings and coach education courses in the January to March 2017 period.
Coaches are urged to note the dates and attendance at these meetings will be via a survey monkey link issued nearer the time by John Gervaise or by contacting ERCL for coach education courses.
Any comments/issues should be initially sent to the ERSDA Secretary.
Regards, Bob MacDonald, ERSDA Secretary
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New documents available on website
Monday 28 November 2016 - 00:00:00 in General

New documents available on website
Please see the following documents relating to 2017 under documents showing
a) ERSDA Calendar of Events 2017. On the website under Documents and then choose ERSDA
b) coach education courses in 2017 in East Renfrewshire. On the websiter under Documents and then choose Coach Info.
All of these documents were covered by John Gervaise at the ERSDA AGM on Monday, 21st November
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Pro soccer availability over the winter
Monday 28 November 2016 - 00:00:00 in General

Pro soccer availability over the winter
If your team is struggling for training facilities this winter then look no further than Pro-Soccer.
Our all weather pitches are playable all year round. For rates and availability please call 0141 621 4459 or drop into our centre in Rouken Glen Park

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Important notice about Woodfarm syntetic pitch
Tuesday 13 September 2016 - 00:00:00 in General

Important notice about Woodfarm syntetic pitch
To all clubs,    
Due to recent issues with children moving 7 a side goals at the above venue can all clubs ensure the following:  
Should clubs fail to return the goals to their original position the goals will be placed in a fixed in position.  
Thank you for your assistance in this matter,                
Kind Regards Laura    
Laura Marshall Business Support Assistant Cleansing,
Parks & Protective Services
Tel :0141 577 3708 
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All litter to be cleared from pitches after matches
Wednesday 03 August 2016 - 00:00:00 in General

All litter to be cleared from pitches after matches
Dear all Clubs 
Can you all please ensure that litter and waste is cleared up after the use of a pitch in all of our venues. We appreciate your help with this matter. 
Business Support Team Cleansing, Cemeteries and ParksThornliebank DepotCarnwadric RoadThornliebankG46

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